Are Dr. Heater Infrared Heaters Worth the Money?

Infrared Heaters are all the rage today, but if there’s one thing that has piqued my interest, it has to be the Dr. Heater Infrared Heaters. Well, I’ve seen a few reviews done by some people who supposedly bought and tried it out and most of them were good reviews in favor of the heater.

With this in mind, I decided to try getting my hands on one, since I needed to get a new infrared heater anyway. Of course, there is always a doubt in my mind that the reviews could actually be fake and that the ones who made these Dr. Heater heaters may not be worth my money!

In any case, I bought one and my experience is actually opposite to what I was expecting. For anyone looking for a good infrared heater, I suggest getting this. The DR heater is actually quite a convenient unit and it also offers easy usage and is portable to use. The heater’s remote control makes heat adjusting easier while you are reading a book or watching TV.

When it comes to heaters, people are usually worried about the electric bill. Everyone knows that when you leave the heater on for awhile, it’ll suck up a lot of power, thus spiking up your electric bill. The Dr. Heater infrared heater can fix that by warming up the basement or an add-on room that does not have a central heating system attached to it.

Some people even use this heater as an add-on to their already existent central heating system, which can help them save money from electric bills.

Aside from the product’s efficiency, the DR heater is also attractive compared to other heaters that are being sold in the market. It’s encased in wood, which is quite simple yet elegant to look at. It will go nicely along with your home decor. Also, the heater’s casing has no exposed heating element which could scald or burn the hands of your little ones or perhaps your pets as well.

This is one reason why I really like the Dr.Heater; it’s because I can easily place the heater wherever I want without having to worry about getting my hands burned when I touch the thing accidentally. My sister has small kids who like to run around the house playing, and an infrared heat is so much safer than an open fire or space heater with a red hot element.

Most infrared heaters you’ll find on the worlds favourite online store,, are perfectly safe, but they differ in their performance and reliability, Dr. Heater Infrared Heaters are one of the most popular and trusted brands, and a steal at under $130 (correct price at time of writing).

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