NEW iHeater IH-1500W Quartz Infrared Portable Infrared Heater Review

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Best Infrared heaters reviews > The new 1500W quartz infrared portable heater from iHeater provides clean, soft air for up to 1,500 square feet in the home.

It has adjustable settings for different areas, including: 500, 1000, and 1,500 square foot. Users can adjust the setting and temperature depending on the size of room they are in.

It’s lightweight, at 28 pounds, has a cabinet made of high-impact ABS material (which is virtually indestructible), and has a lifetime washable air filter.

It comes with a remote control, has a commercial-grade thermostat, and is versatile in the ability to adequately heat any size room up to 1,500 sq. feet.

infrared heaters reviews infrared heaters consumer reportsIt uses less energy because it doesn’t use burning heat. Once the heat exchanger takes in the infrared heat, it releases the heat into the air, which is carried by the humidity in the air.

This ensures that the heat travels fast and completely throughout a room.

The iHeater quartz heater is based on the technology of spreading the heated air, not just by a fan movement (although that helps).

The heat is called ‘soft’ heat because of how soft and comfortable it is. Also, it doesn’t use any quartz bulbs.

This heater utilizes a titanium oxide metal heating element instead.

This heater is perfectly safe for children and pets. It has advanced ‘tip-over’ protection and will shut-off if it is knocked over. It also will not burn anyone, as there is no flame or hot surface.

NEW iHeater IH-1500W Quartz Infrared Portable Infrared Heater Features

  • Brand new in box with remote
  • Full factory warranty and parts and service- means that the unit will be replaced for problems for up to one year
  • Provides clean and even heat from wall to wall and ceiling to floor
  • Infrared PTC heating element gently warms without combustion
  • Provides home with moist, soft heat without reducing humidity
  • Uses a standard 110V plug with ground

NEW iHeater IH-1500W Quartz Infrared Portable Infrared Heaters Reviews

Customers have lukewarm feelings about the iHeater 1500w quartz infrared heater. Most feel as though the advertising is misleading in saying that is costs less than a dollar a day to run and that it cuts an energy bill in half.

No one had the experience that it advertises on that level. However, most users did feel as though it did give a warm, soft heat as described that went throughout the entire room.

One fact to consider, as one user mentioned, is that the heater works by flowing with the humidity and that is how it travels throughout the entire room.

If the user lives in an area that does not have as much, or little, humidity, that process doesn’t work so well. Those users who live in low-humidity areas felt like the heater did not disburse heat evenly.

infrared heaters reviews infrared heaters consumer reportsSome customers have experienced that the heater can keep a small area warm. Others have said that it barely keeps the room warm in mild conditions and doesn’t work at all in the cold.

Overall, I would say that consumers should do their research and find out what is best for them. It’s a great idea, however, to understand how the heater works and go from there- just as in the case of being in a low-humidity area.

If you do decide to go with the iheater, we found Amazon to be selling this heater at up to 50% OFF the recommended retail price, as well as offering FREE SHIPPING.


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