Xtreme Power Quartz Infrared Heater Review

infrared heaters reviews

The XtremePower 1500 watt quartz infrared heater is not you run of the mill space heater. It is a unique combination of heater, humidifier, and air purifier all in one.

It contains the latest in infrared technology, a highly effective HEPA and plasma air purification system and an internal humidifier.

This infrared heater stands approximately 14 inches tall, is 15 inches wide and has a depth of 16 inches.

It weighs a sturdy 35 pounds, but there are four recessed caster wheels that make moving it from room to room very simple.

The classic design fits perfectly with any décor and the smooth surfaced cabinet cleans up easily with just a damp cloth. Noise is never an issue because this unit has a very low noise level ranging from 25 to 42db.

The infrared heating system will easily heat up to a 1,000 square foot area with 5,600 BTU’s and it only requires 1,500 watts. That is a 70 percent saving from the standard infrared heaters that are on the market today.

The easy to read front display allows you to have total control. You can easily switch from humidifier to air purifier or to the heater by the touch pad on the front of the unit.

It also displays the temperature with a heat range from 60 to 90 degrees. A remote control is included for your convenience.

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The air purifying system has some very unique features that make it stand out from the crowd. The highly effective HEPA filter will safely remove 99.5 percent of all airborne particles and allergens, all the way down to 0.3 microns in size.

The HEPA filter is then backed by a plasma ION inverter that attack and destroy airborne particles and allergens at the molecule level.

For an even more healthy and germ free breathing environment, the XtremePower infrared heater is also equipped with the unique PCO sterilizing technology.

The PCO system kills bacteria and germs while removing offensive odors, creating an even healthier and comfortable breathing environment.

The whisper quiet internal humidifier uses the powerful blower motor fan to transmit water vapor into the air for added comfort and energy efficiency. There are also numerous safety features that are included in this model.

The “cool to the touch” body is combined with a overheat safety cut off to prevent fires from overloads and the safety tip over switch immediately shuts the unit down when it is tilted.

The XtremePower quartz heater is the perfect solution for drafty or under insulated rooms, but the XtremePower quartz infrared heater is not just for cold, winter nights though.

This multi-use unit comes in just as handy during the other seasons as well. Both the humidifier and air purification system can be used independently from the heater so this stylish unit is a worthy investment year round.

That is what makes this system perfect for small living quarters or rooms. Valuable space is saved by having three different appliances all in one well-crafted cabinet.

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5 Responses to Xtreme Power Quartz Infrared Heater Review

  1. Terry says:

    Were’s the price !

    • admin says:

      Hi Terry, we’re not selling these, just reviewing them, click on the “visit site” button to view the current prices.

  2. George Pittman says:

    Love the smaller one . My house is 1580 sq. ft.
    Please send info
    George Pittman
    5229 Pittman Gr. Ch. Rd.
    Raeford, N. C.

  3. Beatrice Hageman says:

    How do I contact the manufacturer? The power switch came out in my hand and the seller refuses to honor the warranty indicated in the owner’s manual.

    • admin says:

      The manufacturers contact details should be listed in the warranty information. If you can’t find it, google the manufacturer and contact them directly.

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